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Jessica is an excellent voice actress! I’ve worked as a VA colleague in a few past projects, and she is extremely versatile and talented. Her voiceovers are high quality, and her range is extremely broad.

It’s always an honor to be on the same project as such an Jessica, and I couldn’t recommend her more for your project!

Bella Sapphire, fellow voice actor

I couldn’t be happier to work with Jessica as the voice of Lilith, the lovely and sweet fairy in the demo for my upcoming narrative game “Invisible Wings”. She was perfectly able to capture Lilith’s innocence, but also her often occurring mood swings with her cute and versatile voice. Her interest and involvement with the project really shows that she cares a lot for the characters she voices as well! I’m really looking forward to work with her again on the full game and other projects in the future!

Danae Dekker, creator of Invisible Wings

Jessica Spencer is without a single doubt the best voice actress that I have ever had the honored of working alongside with as a director and as a fellow voice actor. I was the first person to have ever cast her in a project and after what I’ve witnessed from her, Spencer’s amazing skills shows no bounds. She’s kind, hard-working, well-focused, you name it. And her acting is off the charts. I’m quite proud of how far she’s come since working for me, and I will continue to support her and her passion all the way through. Keep up the outstanding work, Ms. Spencer.

Shaquille Hawkins, creator of Pure Bond

I had a likable time of editing and hearing Jessica’s lines for my character to be voiced in my visual novel game called Angelic Waves.
She has done a splendid job of voicing my character. Jessica creates a pleasant and fun personality that I was pleased to hear. 
Once again, thanks to Jessica for being a good voice actress and participating in this project. Plus, a friendly representation of the young, black woman of my character, too.
Let’s hope that we could work on more projects in the future because Jessica has been a great voice actress to me.

Jahmel/Jaygee of Bus Arrow Studios, creator of Angelic Waves

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