Well, it looks like you’re here to learn a little more about Jessica!

Jessica is an artist and voice actor currently based out of New York. Born and raised in Florida, the love of art, acting, and all related forms of media have been a part of Jessica’s life from a very young age. As an artist, she tries to learn a little bit of everything, but her favorite things to draw are characters or illustrations that can evoke a story. As an actor, she’s enjoyed acting and singing on stage from elementary school all the way through college. However in middle school, her thespian interests expanded to include voice over– which is now one of her biggest passions. She absolutely loves voicing characters in video games and animations!

Whenever she’s not in her recording booth or drawing, she likes to play video games or spend time with family, friends and her dog. In her downtime, you can find her relaxing in her small, indoor tent (easily one of the best investments ever). When with friends, she loves playing board games and tabletop games like D&D.

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